When asked where she was from, poet George Ella Lyon, decided to respond with a poem. As I am passionate about reading and words, I too, would like to respond through poetry, following Lyon’s lead…

From Marshmallows to Mosquitos

I’m from hot, humid summers and long daylight hours.

From drives “up north” searching for relief.

I’m from pine-tree lined roads, crisp, blue skies,

the wind racing through open windows,

as the city falls behind.

I’m from cabins nestled up to chilly, spring fed lakes,

from fishing, horseflies, mosquitos and sunburn.

I’m from bonfires, fireflies, roasted marshmallows and the Northern Lights.

I’m from forever, cold winters and fleeting daylight hours.

Plummeting temperatures of −60 °F that freeze your eyelashes,

as soon as the wind touches them.

From heaps of snow that beckon snow sculptures,

and snow forts complete with snow furniture.

I’m from shoveling snow, sleds and cross country skiing.

From layers of warm clothing,

to hot chocolate that warms you from the inside out.

I’m from patience and anticipation,

that green will once again grace the canvas I call home.

My family and I moved to Malaysia 13 years ago now. Minnesota winters are but a distant memory. Since my arrival, I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of grade levels – second grade for one brief year, fifth grade for 6 years, and eighth grade for 7 years. Overall, I have been in education for 20+ years and remain passionate about the creativity and energy involved in teaching.

I am very excited to teach the bright, young minds of grade six, and look forward to our new adventure together.


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