Opening Doors

Vilhelm Hammershoi

“Be an opener of doors”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Parents:

I relish words. I like palatable words that roll off your tongue and linger on your lips such as piquant, exquisite, delectable and scrumptious.

I like contemplative words that create connections and challenge ideas such as ruminate, cogitate, elicit and kindle. 

I like elegant words that pirouette round a page luring you in such as beguiling, captivating, spellbinding and mesmerizing.

I like cosy words that invite you in and embrace you such as hospitable, solicitous, tender-hearted and benevolent. 

I like empathic words that lend an ear and a heart such as compassionate, kindhearted, tender and philanthropic.

Words open doors.  I hope to share my love for words with your child this year so they too can be an opener of doors.



* Inspiration drawn from New York copywriter, Robert Pirosh’s cover letter to Hollywood executives found in Shaun Usher’s Letters of Note.


6 thoughts on “Opening Doors

  1. We’re so excited that Anna will have the opportunity to learn from such a creative teacher. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done to prepare for the school year.

  2. Onomatopoeia, it’s just fun to pronounce. And, the words that fall into this category are easily read with passion even by early readers. In our house we enjoy the varied pronunciations of English words from our friends in Australia. Words often serve as conversation starters in our household. Sometimes our discussions are about word choice, as our statements do impact others. Sometimes we talk about the silly words our children spoke as they were learning to talk.

    Natalie is looking forward to her time in your classroom this year.

  3. Thanks for sharing this letter. We look forward to having our son Kevin in your class and hope that some of your passion for creativity wil impact him positively for many years to come.

  4. Dear Ms. Peters,
    We are so thrilled to have begun this year with you. To inspire students, to unleash their creative potential, in world that is full of distractions, is a nobel task! We are privileged to have our son in your class. Varun is an avid reader, and is looking forward to an exciting year with you! Thank you,
    Aparna Seshagiri

  5. Mary is loving her experiences in your class. I thank you for engaging and inspiring her and all of the children in your class to become voracious readers and creative thinkers.

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