Kaleidoscope Year

Dear Parents,

Yet another year has raced by leaving me breathless with nothing but an empty classroom and ruminations. Reflecting over the past months, thoughts of a kaleidoscope linger in my mind.

Many of us can recall gingerly raising a kaleidoscope to our eye with eager anticipation of the beauty that would be revealed with each slight turn. Fascination held us in its grip as we tirelessly tested the infinite delicate patterns of color bursts – wondering if the next rotation would create a pattern of even greater beauty.

Kaleidoscope literally means “observer of beautiful forms” reigning from Greek roots kalos meaning “beautiful” and eidos meaning “shape” plus skopein “to examine, or look at”.  While looking at objects at the end of two mirrors, Scottish scientist, David Brewster (1781-1868) , discovered that patterns and colors were altered and refashioned into beautiful new designs and thus the world was gifted with kaleidoscopes in 1816.

And so I am reminded of my year with your children. No matter the twists and turns middle school presented to your children, they never stopped refashioning these challenges into beautiful new designs. And I, was fortunate enough to be the observer of these beautiful forms.

My hope is that your children recognize that they are the creators of such beauty and continue to refashion themselves into confident, caring young adults. I wish the following for your children…

I wish they believe their voice is important and valued and should be shared with the world, as the world needs multiple voices to effect change.

I wish they understand that mistakes are necessary in shaping who we are and who we want to become.

I wish they value all, understanding community helps create greatness.

I wish they see the beauty in themselves and allow this beauty to help them persevere through and rise above life’s challenges.

I wish they develop confidence to share with the world who they are and what they believe in – to share the beauty I have observed within them.

Although I am sad our time has come to an end, I understand that it is time others receive the opportunity to observe the continued beauty your children will create with a new rotation.

Thank you for your support this year, and most importantly, thank you for sharing your beautiful child with me. It was indeed a kaleidoscope year!

Yours truly,


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